The Foundation

A closer look at Kirkwood furniture


To ensure the highest quality of furniture, we begin with kiln-dried solid maple hardwood reinforced with double-dowelled, glued, and screwed joints coupled with wood corner blocks and, where styles allow it, legs built directly into the frames.

Our lumber comes from the USA and we take great care to protect our environment by partnering with suppliers who plant twice the amount of trees harvested. Our experienced carpenters use the latest technology for precision cuts and hand-assemble each frame using select solid maple lumber.

We are so confident that our solid maple construction will withstand heavy usage that we offer a lifetime warranty on every frame, guaranteed against warping and/or breakage.

Independent Spring Units

Our pre-engineered heavy gauge coil spring units are top of the line and are constructed with superior engineering and design. Each sofa, chair, tilt, and recliner has independent coil spring units securely installed by hand to the hardwood frame. Our coil units allow for a comfortable individualized sit without worrying about falling or leaning to the side and reduces the possibility of sagging or breakage.

We are so confident that our spring units will withstand heavy usage that we offer a lifetime warranty on every seat spring unit, guaranteed against loss of pliancy and/or breakage.

Seat & Arms

Our foam cores are the highest quality cores in the industry and endure specialized testing to ensure that they meet our quality standards. With flawless shape and softness, our foam cores are designed with contoured foam crowns and are individually wrapped with a layer of ultra-soft polyester fiber.

Our engineers didn’t stop there! Each upholstered arm has been designed with comfort in mind. We maximize layers of cotton batting and foam so you rest comfortably.

We are so confident that our seat foam cores will withstand heavy usage that we offer a lifetime warranty on every foam core, guaranteed against flattening or loss of resiliency.

Detail & Tailoring

We take pride in our ability to exquisitely tailor each piece of furniture that is manufactured. Such attention to detail begins with precision fabric and leather cuts using the latest technology which not only increases yield efficiency, but also eliminates human error and allows exact pattern matching where necessary.

Each piece is extrinsically upholstered by experienced craftsmen with great attention to detail, and meticulously inspected for any imperfections to be sure that it meets or exceeds our high quality standards.

Our design and craftsmanship ensure that you will have beautifully tailored and long-lasting furniture for years to come.


We take pride in manufacturing and inspecting every piece of furniture, so we take great care on ensuring safe delivery during shipment. After our furniture passes our rigorous quality inspections, each item is wrapped and shipped naturally on its feet.